Rift is now up!

Posted: December 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

A new sample has been posted on both our SoundCloud stream and the Audio page of our website. Links are provided below! Enjoy!






Soo, for some reason the upload was blocked by SoundCloud. I’ll copy the email below, but I found it to be interesting considering we’ve yet to sample anything. I’m thinking the bass might have been to loud. Let me know what you think. ….anyway I filed a claim and now Energy Building is up!

SoundCloud no-reply@soundcloud.com
5:29 PM (17 hours ago)

Hi R-en-D,

Our automatic content protection system has detected that your upload “Energy Building” may contain content that is copyrighted.

As a result, we have paused the upload of your audio for the time being.

If you are the original creator of the audio in all its parts, or have obtained all necessary licenses and permissions to upload and share this content, please contact us using the form below.


The SoundCloud team

SoundCloud is up!

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Today we launched our SoundCloud in attempt to draw in a larger audience and have the ability to derive metrics. Check it out at: 


Pride and punishment.

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So…pride is a word that comes to mind when thinking of the newest addition to the audio section of R-en-D.com. ‘Surely A Good Part?,’ succeed in blending the elements of a hard hitting backing track and a pseudo-classical instrumental arrangement. The objective was to create a track that had a suspenseful element that was able to build intensity. All of this work is being done in a home studio and it’s just another one of those things that augments our sense of pride.

Hope you like it.


…new names.

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R-en-D     is trying name their work as poignantly as they can. As such…Electronica has become Chain-Linked and Glitchy has become Scratch.

For further updates…please subscribe to the RSS feed and/or comment.

Our work is one element at a time.


New audio.

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To get it sharp…. ‘all you need is a firm hand, water, and a couple hard stones.’ 


…four new audio samples loaded tonight. My favorites are ‘All Night and Surely A Good Part.’


Rook-of R-en-D

Many new updates!

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

The website and mobile version of the site have had an overhaul. I completely changed the mobile site and made minor changes to formatting on the classic/full site. There are also a couple more audio clips now available and the current listing is now as follows:

Anarchist’s Dream, Industrial, Heavy, Nano, Electronica, House Beat — Synth Voice, Glitchy, Brittish, Rock Remix, & Hardcore.

Stay tuned as I’ll be continuing to work at making new clips as well as editing those that I’ve already created. I’m attempting to build a repository of music clips for future reference and to generate support/interest of music fans. Please be patient with me as I’m getting this stuff out as quick as I can.

As always, if you see anything you like…please spread the word.